Consenza gluten-free

Consenza believes that being intolerant to gluten doesn’t need to be an obstacle to eating delicious and responsible food. 

With over 120 gluten-free products, Consenza focuses on convenience, health, taste and sustainability. And with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, it is the total provider for the gluten-free consumer.


Our mission

At Consenza, we understand that switching to a gluten-free diet can be a major event. We therefore strive to make the transition a lot easier. We do this by offering wide range of delicious and safe products for every moment of the day. Gluten-free products that not only contain the right ingredients, but also look and taste delicious. In short, the gluten-free total supplier!


100% the right combination

We guarantee that we will only launch new products onto the market if we are 100% satisfied and that they contain the best combination of ingredients, taste, smell, texture, colour and nutritional value.


Internationally certified

We only use gluten-free grains. This makes our products naturally gluten-free. Each product contains less than 20 ppm gluten and carries the internationally certified logo under number CUK-M-109.

Consenza inspires!

Consenza wants to inspire the gluten-free community as much as possible by sharing recipes.The aim is to show that gluten-free food is accessible and can also be a treat!

Our gluten-free range is suitable for every moment of the day. For example, you can start the day with gluten-free cornflakes from Consenza, have a gluten-free bread roll with your favorite topping at lunchtime, and then have a tasty packet of gluten en lactose-free chocolate rice cakes as a snack!

In addition to the gluten-free products, we also share the tastiest gluten-free recipes on Instagram en Facebook! Are you in the mood for baking recipes? Then check out our socials!

Don’t have an Instagram or Facebook account? Don’t worry, you can always find the recipes on our website! Check out the most delicious gluten-free baking recipes created by our gluten-free ambassadors!

Consenza weekplanner

Free weekly planner

Seven gluten-free experts share their ideal daily menu in the Consenza weekly planner. They all have their own reasons for eating gluten-free. One because of intolerance and the other because, for example, her son has celiac disease. Their ideal daily menus all have the same goal: to show that eating gluten-free can be a real treat.

De gluten-free experts:

Aaike – Rockin_in_the_glutenfree_world

Fenna – Fennashealthyfoodspecials

Judith – Judith_ikeetvrij

Melissa – Lislovescooking

Sanne – Sanneglutenvrij

Judith – Myfoodblog_nl

Raquel – Raquel.glutenfree

Consenza believes that being intolerant to gluten doesn’t need not be an obstacle to eating delicious and responsible food. With this weekly planner, you can go either way. A balance between healthy, tasty and, above all, enjoyment.


Download the free weekly planner HERE!

Discover the gluten-free products from Consenza!

Take a look at our assortment, we have gluten-free products for every moment of the day!

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