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About Consenza

Consenza believes that being intolerant to gluten doens’t need not be an obstacle to eating delicious and responsible food. We do this by developing, producing and distributing a wide range of products. With over 120 gluten-free products, we focus on convenience, health, taste and sustainability. With breakfast, lunch, dinner en snacks , Consenza is the total supplier for gluten-free consumer.


Transition towards an organic assortment

The Consenza range is 100% gluten-free with a constant transition to 100% organic. We are also looking at reducing sugar, allergens and E numbers. We are working on developing the products into a tasty and responsible choice on the gluten-free shelf. Meanwhile, 25% of the range is already organic!

Glutenvrije flapjacks
de Smaakspecialist

De Smaakspecialist

Consenza is one of the brands of de Smaakspecialist. De Smaakspecialist develops, produces and distributes sustainable foods. We believe that sharing knowledge and inspiration about food can make an important contribution to making a conscious choice about what you eat as a person.

Partly due to the transition to organic as much as possible, we offer a choice with impact for yourself, your environment and our future. And there is plenty of choice: with more than 120 products, Consenza focuses on convenience, health, taste and sustainability.

B Corp

Sustainable and social enterprise

De Smaakspecialist is a B Corp certified company. B Corp stands for Benefit Corporation. Certified B Corps are a new breed of companies that balance purpose and profit. A B Corp is defined as a company that considers the impact its decisions have on employees, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. It is a community of leaders from more than 5000 companies in about 80 countries with 1 common goal; they are the drive behind a global movement of people who use their business as a force to do good for the world.

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