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Frozen gluten-free products

A wide range of gluten-free frozen products

From snacks to bread, pastries and puff pastry. You’ll find it all at Consenza!

One of the favourites in the gluten-free frozen food section is the Consenza puff pastry. With the puff pastry from the Consenza frozen food range, you can do anything. Both savoury and sweet recipes can be made with it. And the puff pastry is also lactose-free!


Cooking with gluten-free products

Judith from @judith_ikeetvrij is a fan of our puff pastry. Among other things, she made this delicious gluten-free peach pie. And for Valentine’s Day, she came up with some fantastic red Valentine’s Day pastries! Or check out the gluten-free puff pastry shells filled with pastry cream and red fruit.

Just like Judith, Marcella from glutenvrij_smullen is very good at it! She made a savoury tart with broccoli using the gluten-free puff pastry. In short, whether savoury or sweet, you can do anything with gluten-free puff pastry!


Tompoucen met glutenvrij bladerdeeg
beste introductie 2021 levensmiddelenkrant

Iconic snacks

The gluten-free frozen food range is accessible to all and provides a solution for consumers with gluten intolerance to still be able to enjoy these iconic delicacies. Think of gluten-free cake slices, so you can eat and celebrate at a birthday party. Also delicious for a party or drinks: gluten-free frozen snacks! Consenza has a gluten-free version of all the traditional snacks. Because we believe that gluten intolerance need not be an obstacle to eating well!

In addition, our mini snack mix has been voted Best Introduction 2021 by the Levensmiddelenkrant. That’s a great title and we’re proud of it!

  • Apple slices
  • Mini cream puffs
  • Mokka slices
  • Choco puffs
  • Schwartzwalder slices
  • Whipped cream slices
  • Puff pastry
  • Ragout pastry
  • Cheese sandwich
  • Ham and cheese sandwich
  • Dutch frikandel
  • Hamburgers
  • Cheese soufflé
  • Chicken saté saus
  • Loempia kip
  • Picanta
  • Rundvlees kroketten
  • Bitterballen
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Mini snack mix
  • Brown bread
  • Brown buns
  • White bread
  • White buns
  • Sultana bread




& organic
  • Sausage rolls
  • Sausage pastry rolls

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