Gluten-free assortment

Something from the gluten-free range for every moment!

Get to know Consenza’s wide gluten-free range. From muesli, crackers, rice cakes to pancakes for breakfast to soup and macaroni for dinner, whatever your choice, make it a gluten-free party! Want to order Consenza products right away? Take a look at our Foodshop!

Consenza believes that a gluten intolerance does not have to be an obstacle to eating tasty and responsible. And this by developing, producing and distributing a wide range. With more than 120 gluten-free products, we focus on convenience, health, taste and sustainability. Consenza is also the total provider for the gluten-free consumer with breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between.


Transition towards an Organic range

Consenza’s range is 100% gluten-free with a constant transition to 100% organic. We also look at reducing sugar, allergens and E numbers. We are working on developing the products into a tasty and responsible choice on the gluten-free shelf. 25% of the range is already organic!

Discover the gluten-free range of Consenza

Take a quick look at our range, we have gluten-free products for every moment of the day!