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Gluten-free breakfast & lunch with Consenza

Get to know the gluten-free breakfast and lunch range from Consenza. From gluten-free muesli, crackers and rice cakes to pancakes, make it a gluten-free party!

Gluten-free breakfast

A gluten-free breakfast doesn’t have to be difficult at all, because at Consenza we give you plenty of choice to make your gluten-free breakfast a party. Would you like to go for (vegetable) yoghurt or milk with the gluten-free cornflakes? Or treat yourself to a gluten-free breakfast with home-baked gluten-free pancakes?

Consenza has enough to make your gluten-free breakfast table complete! Think, for example, of a gluten-free breakfast at Easter. Fill the table with the tastiest gluten-free croissants, sausage rolls, ciabattas and multi-grain buns. Do you want to make it a real party? Then make the tastiest gluten-free pancakes or waffles with the pancake shaker and waffle mix shaker! All you need to do is add (vegetable) milk, shake and bake!

Een selectie van onze ontbijt- en lunchproducten:

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